This is not a first time service for clients looking to go lighter. This service is designed to maintain an Ultimate Blonde. A maintenance session is designed for someone that comes into the salon ever 8-10 weeks. If you're wanting a brighter result, please book a Full or Transformative Ultimate Blonde.

touch up | $190-260 2.5 hours

Transformative | $400-450 4+ hours

Ultimate Blonde

This Modern Blonding service is designed to offer a long session appointment for someone wanting a dramatic change in their current color OR its been 4+ months since you've had highlights. A root shadow or tap is included. This service requires at least a virtual text consult before your appointment. If you have previous any box color come in for a strand test first as this would be a color correction.

Full- blonding service with a root shadow or tap included. This service is designed for modern blondes who havent been into the salon in 3-4 months. If you have any box color on your hair you will need to come in for an in person consult and this service would be considered a color correction.

Full- blonding | $220-280  3+hours

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