Sensa is proud to offer the most modern and up-to-date extension methods.

What makes “hand-tied” weft extensions unique versus machine-made wefts is that the seam of the weft is very thin and flexible, allowing them to lay flat against your head when installed. This makes them not only comfortable to wear but undetectable no matter how you wear your hair. 

Hand-tied wefts can be used to add fullness and length, and are 100% customized to each client's unique color, length, and texture. This extension method requires no tape, glue, or heat for application, making them ideal for clients worried about damage or wanting to protect their natural hair.

These extensions can be worn 8-10 weeks before needing to be moved up, and our top-quality hand-tied wefts from Bombshell Extension Co. can last for up 9 months before needing to be replaced.

Whether you’re hoping to achieve a dramatic transformation with extensions or simply looking for the confidence-boost that comes with having fuller hair, hand-tied hair extensions are the gentlest option among non-temporary extensions methods and deliver the most natural-looking results.

Hand Tied Extensions are hand-tied wefts of hair that quite literally hand-tied into the hair using beads

Hand Tied Extensions

Sensa offers the two most innovative and highest-quality extension methods to provide our clients the best of the best when it comes to hair extensions.

Give us a call to book your consultation. We will schedule you with one of our extension specialists for a consultation where we’ll go over any of your concerns, your hair goals, expectations, and your initial and long-term investment. If you decide to schedule an installation you’ll be asked to pay a non-refundable deposit that’s applied to your service, the day of.

step one

Arrive to your appointment with clean hair and get ready for your transformation! We’re just as excited as you are! Our initial install appointments can last around 4-6 hours. We have a variety of snacks and seasonal beverages including champagne for our new install guests!

step two

We go to work! We have a team of associates that work side-by-side as well as independently on all our guests and their extension hair. As your dream team, we pride ourselves on not only protecting the health and integrity of your hair, but in giving hair extensions makeovers that you’ve been dreaming about.

step three

Once your makeover is complete, we will send you home with one of Sensa's customized Home Care Kit with instructions on how to protect your investment.

step four



Here's what your salon experience will look like

how it works

Brush your hair gently, starting at the ends and working your way up to the root. Use your new Wet Brush that works gently over extensions. Use recommended hair oils to help detangle and hydrate. Avoid excessive brushing at the top of your wefts to prevent snagging or pulling. Brush daily. 


Before washing hair extensions, brush thoroughly to remove any teasing or tangles. Gently shampoo and condition your hair extensions with a sulfate-free, color safe shampoo & conditioner in lukewarm water. Make sure to shampoo in-between your extension rows! Rinse with cool water when possible to seal moisture into your cuticle. Use a deep conditioner at least once every 1-2 weeks. Try and wash your hair no more then once or twice per week. 


Gently dry the base of extensions first with a hair towel, then move to ends making sure it’s 80% dry before you use your detangling brush. Start at your ends when brushing when wet or dry, and avoid pulling on the extensions by holding the top of your wefts when brushing them out. Apply a leave in conditioner, spray or serum when damp to help detangle. We also highly recommend using a heat protectant before blow-drying. Air drying your hair is not suggested, use a hair dryer to ensure a smooth finish. Do not exceed medium heat setting on dryer. Use a concentrator on hairdryer to avoid tangling/matting of the hair, and continually detangle with your paddle brush while drying. 


Apply a leave-in conditioner on dry hair to shield hair from heat damage. Do not exceeda heat setting of more then 350 degrees- we promise it is hot enough! The hair extensions can be styled using wire/wet brushes or paddle brushes. A blow dryer, flat iron, or curling iron may be used to style or restyle. Use a hair oil daily on dry hair and as often as needed. Our scalp only produces enough natural oils for our natural hair, so you will need to supplement with a hair serum to allow continued moisture for longevity of your extensions.


Sleep with hair into a low ponytail or braid to ensure hair doesn’t tangle. NEVER go to bed with your hair wet, and always detangle before bed. Sleep on a silk/satin pillowcase and use a soft or satin scrunchie. 

A few of our favorite product suggestions:
Oribe Beautiful Color Shampoo & Conditioner 
Oribe Brilliance and Shine Shampoo & Conditioner 
Oribe Moisture & Control Masque 
Oribe Universal Defense Spray 
Oribe Gold Lust Oil 
Oribe Supershine 
Kevin Murphy Young Again Wash, Rinse, & Oil 


We do NOT recommend swimming with your extensions. The risks include: hair discoloration (blondes turning peach/orange), sunscreen can turn extensions pink/orange, absorption of unknown elements in various bodies of water that can cause damage to hair 
& extensions, tangling & matting, and excessive dryness. If you do choose to swim with your hair extensions, please know that you are entering at your own risk.

If choosing to swim, take the time to prep your hair by rinsing with water and pulling it back into a loose braid to reduce the absorption of chlorine and salt. Dry hair acts like a sponge, so swimming without the extra moisture will cause your hair to absorb excessive dirt, salts and chemicals. Immediately after swimming, rinse through your hair with water to limit further damage. Wash with the sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner we have recommended to you to remove all impurities and add back in that dose of moisture. We recommend a deep conditioner after swimming. 


Hand-tied hair extensions must be performed by a Licensed & Certified Hair Extension Specialist. Your natural hair can be severely damaged if hair extensions are not installed properly. Do not exceed the recommended time-frames for maintenance for your extensions. If you extend the maintenance period and do not use proper care & proper products in your daily lifestyle, we cannot guarantee the quality of the hair extensions or your natural hair.


Ideal for those desiring maximum thickness and length. This may also be required for the woman whose own hair is very thick OR has shorter layers that require additional hair to achieve a natural-looking result.

Starts at $2200


Our most popular option! Ideal for the woman whose hair is at least to her collarbones and who would like to add length. This allows for both dramatic results and ease of day-to-day maintenance.

2 Rows starts at $1360


Ideal for the woman who wants to add volume and texture at her current natural length or slightly longer. This adds significant fullness while requiring the least day-to-day maintenance.

1 row starts at $680


Initial installation

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Extensions are extremely customizable, with endless possibilities.