This service is designed for naturally brunette clients who want an overall brunette look with moderate to high contrast dimension that is low maintenance. Toning and light maintenance is suggested every 10-12 weeks.

Lived-in brunette hair is a gorgeous brunette shade that embraces your natural roots and is illuminated by lighter, caramel tones. It gives brunettes a multi-dimensional, revived, and sun-kissed look with a gorgeous mix of both brown and caramel or blonde. It's neither a full balayage nor ombre, and instead blends highlights and color to create a low-maintenance look that you can naturally grow out.

Since the root stays close to your natural hair color, it's the perfect choice if you want natural-looking hair that gives the illusion that you don't have much done. However, it still has a salon fresh look. The best part about the lived-in brunette color is that you only need to come into the salon every 4-6 months the salon since it's so low maintenance. Please book this service if its been 6+ months since you've been in. If you have previous box color on your hair, this would be a corrective color service. We do require a virtual text for this service.

Maintanence  3.5 -4 months since last color | $250-300

Transformative  6+ months since last
 color | $400-450

Full  4-6 months since last color | $290-330

Lived in Brunette

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