We're on the map! Sensa is a green salon.

Salons across North America throw away approximately almost 500,000 pounds of waste each day. Sensa Salon & Spa wanted to be part of the solution so we partnered up with Green Circle Salons. As a Certified Green Circle Salon 98% of the items used during a service at Sensa are recycled.


The old method was to sweep up the hair and throw it away. Now, all cut hair is sent to Green Circle Salons. It is then placed in hair booms which can be used during oil spills. A synthetic booms can only be used once where a hair boom can be used up to 5 times.


Previously when a stylist completed a color service they would simply rinse out the color bowl sending the unused color down the sink. This increases the chance of it ending up in our lakes. Now, all unused color is sent back to Green Circle Salons. Any clean water that can be extracted is returned to lakes, streams and rivers. The remaining color is burnt and used as pigment in things like paint, asphalt etc.

Color Tubes – Caps – Latex Gloves

All of these items used to make their way into the trash and then out to the landfill. Now all color tubes, hair caps, latex gloves…even the lids for the color tubes are recycled! In addition to all of this we are recognized by the City of Seattle as part of their On The Map program. In order to get “On The Map” a business must show ways of cutting waste. Sensa Salon & Spa uses energy efficient lighting, actual towels instead of paper towels in the bathroom and more. We carry Kevin Murphy products which are paraben free and made from sustainable resources whenever possible.

We all have to do our part to protect our planet. We hope that you will choose Sensa, not only for our amazing stylists, but to also be part of a salon that has become one of the most sustainable salons in North America!

Here is a link to a news story that KING5 did on Sensa.